Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive to follow the goals of sustainable development of the United Nations - Ensuring the transition to sustainable consumption and production patterns.
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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept according to which organizations take into account the interests of society, assigning responsibility for influencing the social spheres of life of the whole society. Fincraft Capital supports the transition to sustainable UN consumption and production patterns. We have implemented green office standards that reduce energy consumption to 50% relative to conventional technologies.
Fincraft Capital Green Office Standards
  • Use of LED lamps
    Despite their cost, LED lamps are more effective by 50% and their service life is 5 times longer than that of an incandescent lamp.
  • Automatic lighting monitoring systems
    They reduce electricity consumption by another 20% per month due to the control of unused premises.
  • Changes to the layout of printed documents
    Printing in fields 1 cm wide, instead of the standard 2.5 cm. This allows you to reduce paper consumption by 8%.
  • Sorting paper and food waste
    This allows paper to be recycled and thereby reduce the need for new wood in paper production.
What do the numbers tell us? A little statistic in favor of CSR.

From $3,500 to $50,000, the company can save by increasing employee loyalty. In this range, it costs the business to lay off, and then recruit and train a new team member.

International research claims that 65% of respondents want to work in a socially responsible company. About 50% of all candidates ask questions about the company's values before starting work, 64% of financial and HR managers worldwide say. And 60% of young people in the United States and Canada said they would like to do "good" things.

The benefits of CSR are confirmed by representatives of the Danish insulin company Novo Nordisk - corporate social responsibility programs in the field of relations with employees are really profitable. And they give such an example: after the introduction of the Values in Action program at the enterprise, the outflow of personnel decreased by 5%. And Sears estimates the benefits of such a program at 20% reduction in layoffs.

In international practice, this figure is also known: 68% of consumers can refuse to buy company products if their employees are indifferent to buyers.
We invite all companies to develop the social orientation of the business!