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We offer to producers' ability to market products be system "dropshipping" – direct sales, auctions and other available methods. Craft your capital together!
    The company helps to create the best price for the necessary goods. Thanks to the many years of experience of our top managers in each area of interest of our company, we have expensive database of partners in various areas that offer us the best price directly from manufacturers and Fincraft Capital`s services will cost you less than 1%.
    Our company focused on providing customers with the best products and services. Therefore, we control the quality and provide a financial guarantee to our customers. In addition, we provide support for operations at all stages of the transaction.
    Fincraft Capital provides a complete turnkey service. For example, our team can select the necessary products in the Asian or European market, organize the creation of a site and application for the sale of products, develop a marketing strategy and implement an advertising project to attract more customers.
    We value our reputation, so we always fulfill our engagements in full on time. If it happens that our partner for some reason will not fulfill the engagements of the contract, we will quickly find a substitute for him with we help of our wide base of contractors so as not to delay the task.
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Fincraft Capital was founded in 2019 by a team of professionals. Thanks to many years of experience in sales and marketing, we have formed an "ideal formula" that allows us to find the necessary products on loyal terms.


Fincraft Capital offers the purchase of a wide range of products from reliable manufacturers. Our company has extensive experience in trade and a large network of working contacts.

Do you need to quickly find sophisticated equipment, the latest model of electronics, a large batch of fashionable clothes? We'll do all the work for you.


Fincraft Capital

The digital transformation of the last decade has had a huge impact on the rapid development of the e-commerce business. It has never been easier to launch an online store and generate income online.
Buying goods online has become a habit for most. Slowly and comfortably, we research products, their features, reviews about them, compare supplier prices, and understand manufacturers. Retailers are now seeking to combine both e-commerce and conventional offline stores.
Online direct selling makes it easier for novice entrepreneurs to enter online commerce and helps test new avenues for existing businesses. Dropshippers don't need to have their own warehouse, storage and shipping. Once a customer orders goods from his site, it's up to the supplier to ship and ship the products directly to the customer.
Dropshipping, as a simple and affordable business model, has become a breakthrough and an amazing opportunity to make a profit with minimal risk, without freezing funds, renting a warehouse and trading floor space. The goods the online store sells, their quality, storage and delivery are the supplier's concern.
Fincraft Capital connects suppliers, manufacturers and dropshippers in a single partner network, helps to test new directions and ideas. Dropshipping is a great start and a successful continuation for any business.

Fincraft Capital s.r.o.

The basis of a long-term and reliable business relationship is the clear fulfillment of contractual obligations by the supplier. It is not easy to negotiate when partners are separated by miles, oceans, language barriers and cultural traditions. The success of a dropshipper's business depends first and foremost on the quality of the goods he brings to the market. Fincraft Capital s.r.o. negotiate on behalf and in the interests of customers, help "cold" calls to expand existing customer bases. We have created a unique methodology for dealing with objections, based on a special approach in personalizing requests.

Thorough screening and screening.

A dropshipper's profit is the margin, the difference between the price the customer pays and the purchase price of the product. Pricing is an important consideration that must be taken seriously and responsibly. And although in the case of supply problems, the dropshipper's losses are minimal, he only loses what he invests in the development, advertising and promotion of his online store. Fincraft Capital knows that even such losses can be tangible, especially for those starting a business. The product manufacturer we recommend undergoes a thorough review of their product certification and supply chain logistics.

Marketing by Fincraft Capital

Conducting in-depth market research, studying markets, products, consumers and the competitive environment requires a high degree of professionalism, experience, effort and time. Fincraft Capital s.r.o. conducts market research and analyzes global market trends. It helps to find growing markets, increase sales, find trustworthy partners and create long-term and reliable relationships. Fincraft Capital's partner base undergoes a multi-level check.
Company Fincraft Capital will offer a plan of development of your online store within a certain commodity market, will check the chosen segment of buyers, will help to find producers and select products.

Expansion of assortment

Quality brand promotion, product launch and online marketing require a lot of experience and a professional approach. Fincraft Capital marketers create advertising campaigns in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and social networks (Facebook, Instagram). They conduct conversion analysis and define a customer profile, taking into account demographics and geography. This calibrates the marketing strategy of the customer's business and increases sales as a result.

Loyal customer from Fincraft Capital

Fincraft Capital experts make recommendations and create after-sales service plans, attracting new customers and retaining old ones. They develop loyalty programs, customize and segment audiences, create remarketing campaigns and advertising solutions in the contextual media network of Google.

Don't forget.

Finding the "right" products and the "right" market can be difficult. After researching the target audience, competitors, and business environment, many start with direct sales on the Internet. They create an online store, invest in advertising, get the first sales. However, they forget that only impeccable customer service, their loyalty and commitment help the dropshipper to stand out and become a significant e-commerce player.
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