Dropshipping. How to check the purity of the deal?

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What in today's world will make it possible to make a profit quickly and with small investments? The answer is simple - the Internet and the matter related to e-commerce. To do this, just choose a business model for promoting the product and immerse yourself in online sales. If you decide to take up dropshipping, then first of all it is worth exploring the market and the experience of those who have been engaged in it for a long time.

Dropshipper does not need a warehouse, he does not need to freeze funds and invest them in goods. His business is to find a customer and transfer the order to the supplier of the goods (most often the manufacturer), who is responsible for shipping, logistics, guarantees, packaging and return of the goods.

It should be understood that dropshipping is not a rapid enrichment scheme. However, if you approach the matter seriously and thoughtfully, then your business will begin to make a stable profit.
Fincraft Capital s.r.o. always sharing your experience and knowledge in droppipping, on this site you will find useful material and unique tips for your business.
Good news - dropshipping, you just need to open your own intrnet store or make a small and inexpensive site without investing thousands of dollars in goods, warehouse and store rental. The risks are minimal - the buyer orders the goods, pays for them and only after that the supplier reads their shipment and work with documents.

- minimum capital investment
- easy and easy to enter the business
- low business costs
- fast business decision making
- no need to rent room for warehouse and store
- mobile business
- wide selection of products
- ease of marketing
- rapid testing of business ideas

What's the hardest part about dropshipping? The most difficult thing to find a proven, decent and responsible supplier of goods is 90% of business success. It is especially difficult to check the manufacturer and the quality of the product that it offers if it is located in another country, a remote point in the world.
Fincraft Capital s.r.o. For several years now it has been working in the dropshipping market, connecting partners, checking the business and quality of goods, the decency of suppliers, and establishing ties with manufacturers.
If you're looking for a particular item, Fincraft Capital's commercial department s.r.o. will help you with this. Our specialists will find a manufacturer, check the availability of goods in the warehouse, help to find those responsible, both for the supply of goods and for its warranty service.
It must be understood that sometimes, when concluding a deal, the supplier risks more than a dropshipper. That is why many well-known global manufacturers of goods - large and very large enterprises - have long used the services of professionals Fincraft Capital s.r.o. It is costly and difficult to produce a product, but it can be many times more difficult to sell it. Marketing activities, advertising and promotion, often, are not considered in the manufacturers' business plan. They count on intermediaries who know how to sell, with the benefit of themselves and the manufacturer.
Experience Fincraft Capital s.r.o. - these are dozens of business partners, thousands of cold calls, and in the end - successful deals and satisfied participants. Fincraft Capital s.r.o. know-how - this is a clear, quick and honest audit of the transaction, verification of partners according to 80 criteria. Only a few work at this speed!

On our site you will find a lot of useful information about goods, manufacturers and suppliers. We talk about the right approaches in e-commerce, profitable, both for novice dropshippers and those who want to expand, to diversify their business.

Dropshippers receive proven partners and profitable commercial offers, and the manufacturer - a profitable contract, with simplified logistics, marketing and advertising support Fincraft Capital s.r.o.