How to Boost Open Rate advertising mailings

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Most of us don't even think about how many emails in the world are emailed every day. The scale is very impressive - more than 281 billion, in 2022 this figure should grow to 347 billion! Electronic marketing and mailings are still powerful tools with which the dropper can deliver the necessary information to the client, talk about promotions, stimulate sales growth, remind of itself.

But, unfortunately, most mailboxes are overflowing with a huge number of messages that arrive constantly and this process is endless. For someone who prepares a message for a long time and carefully, it is most offensive to realize that not all emails are noticed, opened and read. The letter may simply go unnoticed, "fail" in the total mass of correspondence received.

The likelihood that your email will not be noticed, open, and then completely deleted is extremely high. It is important to think through not only what you write in the letter itself, but also what the message will look like against the background of other letters sent. Therefore, do not forget to fill out the first thing a person sees when viewing mail - the "topic "/" subject" field. You need to get the attention of the target audience, motivate them to open the letter and learn more.
The main drawback of email is - inertia. Simply put, people get dozens if not hundreds of emails a day, and there's a big chance your messages will simply be ignored.

Your email may be well crafted, but all efforts are pointless if the recipient does not want to open it and find out what's in it. The subject line of the email - is the first thing which we see when we open our email and if it is not properly framed, the acquaintance to the message may not happen.

Just a few words

The simpler - the better, it is recommended to use clear, concise and memorable phrases that characterize the content of the letter. You don't have to list everything your dropshipping store offers. We are often driven by simple human curiosity, and just a few words can push us to read. Interestingly, the opening rate of letters with news announcements is much lower than letters, with a topic about emergency issues and digests.

In the race for creativity, it is important not to lose trust. Shocking, farce, lies - inappropriate. You risk that any next message or good offer will be ignored.

Know your target audience

This rule applies to all aspects of marketing and email is no exception. Dropshipper should understand the interests, needs and habits of a potential buyer. The mood and tone of the announcement will be the "hook and bait" of your letter. Perhaps it will be a call to action, a mysterious pun or a joke. We may not be interested in boring information about new receipts of goods in a little-known online store. But it's hard to miss the message, in the topic of which, we see the answer to what worries now, because it can help, solve the problem.

Use numbers and lists

Our brain responds positively to the numbers, so include the numbers in the subject of the email, you will draw attention to your message. Topics work well in which they offer the systematization of some knowledge in the form of lists. It is catchy, hard to pass by useful and possibly unique knowledge that is shared for free.


Don't be afraid to write simply and clearly. Engage the target audience, use action verbs such as "add," "join," "come," "send," "complete," "train," "solve," etc.

Solving the problem

When the subject of the letter offers a solution to a problem that worries your target audience, the opening rates increase sharply. If you decide to promote the product using useful content like "tips" or "how to do," then you need to clearly understand what kind of material submission is appropriate and necessary for your audience.

As you can see, if you send a message by email, send a newsletter or write to a specific person, then writing a letter is part of the matter. In order for the letter to be noticed, open and read, it is very important not to be lazy and think over its topic. Email is a classic retargeting channel, with its help you can conduct large-scale marketing campaigns and not spend large budgets. Fincraft Capital s.r.o will help you prepare the content of the letter, come up with and advise on its topic, conduct a newsletter. Our specialists will conduct marketing research for your business, investigate the target audience, check the cleanliness of both the partner and the transaction itself, and evaluate it according to 80 criteria.

Dropshipping is becoming a kind of e-commerce philosophy. Fincraft Capital s.r.o. acts as an agent, helps sell the product, connects the dropshipper and the manufacturer. Sending emails in such a case is an indispensable tool for both mass promotions and point-to-point work with permanent business partners.